Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Unsure where to dispose of your vapes, power tool batteries, asbestos, or silica dust? You are not alone! Australia has specific guidelines for disposing of these items, and responsible disposal is crucial for safety in our communities and the environment.

Battery fires

Improperly disposed of batteries can cause bin and truck fires. It is estimated there are over 10,000 battery-related fires a year across waste and recycling streams in Australia.

Environmental contamination

Hazardous materials in batteries, asbestos and silica dust contain harmful materials that can leak and harm the environment if not disposed of correctly.

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Why can't hazardous waste go into a regular bin? 
It can harm people and the environment. 

We are here to help!

Know Before You Throw connects you with the resources and schemes to dispose of hazardous waste safely and responsibly. Our goal is to keep Australians safe and protect our environment.

What do you want to safely dispose of?

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Silica dust

Batteries from vapes, power tools, toys and common household electronics.

Recycling Near You by Planet Ark is a directory and education hub providing comprehensive recycling and reuse information to help all Australians reduce waste and keep valuable materials in use. Click below for information on how to recycle batteries.

The recycling and disposal options available for Australians vary based on whether the vape is ‘reusable’ or ‘single-use’. Find out how to safely recycle your vape with Planet Ark.

Power tools
Firstly, check if you can remove the battery from your power tool as this will impact how you recycle both your tools and batteries. Learn more with Planet Ark and locate a recycler near you.

Visit Recycling Near YouRead moreRead more

National Battery Stewardship Scheme (B-cycle) offers a convenient nationwide program for recycling used batteries.

Visit B-cycle

Recycle Mate helps you find specific recycling information for your location by typing or uploading a photo of the item you are disposing of.

Visit Recycle Mate


Asbestos removal requires special handling, do not attempt to handle this yourself. Read more about how to safely dispose of Asbestos at licensed facilities.

Use licensed facilities as advised by EPA VIC.

Use licensed facilities as advised by EPA NSW.

Asbestos can be properly disposed at BINGO’s Eastern Creek landfill.

Visit EPA VICVisit EPA NSWVisit BINGO Industries

Silica dust

While the use, supply and manufacture of all engineered stone will be prohibited from 1 July 2024. exemptions are made for the removal, repair, minor modification and disposal. Silica dust removal requires special disposal to protect workers from exposure to respirable silica, found in construction materials and stone products. Remember to follow all proper precautions and wear respiratory protection when handling silica dust. 

BINGO Industries provides safe and lockable 660 litre bins that can be used to dispose of silica dust.

EPA NSW can advise on the correct removal and disposal of silica dust.

EPA VIC can advise on the correct removal and disposal of silica dust.

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